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    Yoga Therapy

    Yoga is a form of exercise that focuses on breathing to increase physical and mental well-being. It includes a range of movements, breathing exercises and meditation designed to reduce stress, stay healthy, and increase strength and flexibility. Its purpose is to create awareness and harmony in mind and body. An ancient tradition, the practice of yoga provides many mental and physical benefits. It strengthens the muscles, supports the respiratory system and heart health, helps in the treatment of addiction, reduces stress, anxiety, depression and chronic pain, improves sleep patterns, and increases the quality of life. Yoga, which is practiced in various ways in many countries, is accepted as a type of complementary and alternative medicine as a holistic approach in the West.


    Although much debated, according to many sources, yoga is not a religion or belief system; It is a philosophy that emerged thousands of years ago, and an applied art of living with a scientific background. The person who practices this philosophy is called a Yogi.


    In the pre-religious system of yoga, there is no leader or God-worship; It is a cultural and spiritual system open to all humanity, regardless of class, creed, race, gender. It promises no reward or punishment; There is no obligatory ritual and application, it is an individual work.


    There are many types of yoga; Most types of yoga practiced in yoga centers today are derived from Classical Yoga described in the Yoga Sutras. None is superior to the others. Their application and techniques are different, but their purpose is the same; to relax the mind, strengthen the body and mind. The person should try and choose the type that suits him. The main components of all yoga classes are; poses (asanas), breathing (pranayama), meditation (dhyana).



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