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    There are many factors for a cockroach to enter the living area. The main factors are where you live and its surroundings. No matter how clean you keep your house, cockroaches do not have a habit of not entering a clean house. Despite this, if you say that there are cockroaches in my house, it is useful to investigate other reasons.


    The accumulation of garbage areas near your home or living space attracts cockroaches. Leaving garbage and similar wastes in front of the doors is also a sufficient reason for the arrival of cockroaches.


    If a cockroach has somehow entered the house, the first place they will go to nest or hide because they love warm places is behind the refrigerator, oven or under the stove. The accumulation of food residues on the stove under the stove becomes a source of nutrition and shelter for the bath (heater) insects. It is also one of the ideal places for these creatures to hide for shelter.


    Not washing the remaining dishes after dinner accelerates the formation of cockroaches. Food residues that have not been washed during the night can be a feast for cockroaches.


    If there are slit cracks in the building you live in, cracks in places such as bathrooms and toilets in your home, gaps near the pipe entrances and exits, cockroaches can nest and reproduce quickly. Although the sponge under the door is not a 100% solution, it can make it difficult for cockroaches to get in easily, but they can still enter. The absence of mosquito nets on the windows also makes it easier for the bath (heater) insects to enter.


    If you do not check and open the bagged and boxed products you bought from outside while shopping, it may be inevitable that you bring cockroaches into the house with your own hands. Carpets for carpet cleaning, shopping bags, items coming with cargo, all kinds of items and clothes that come in cardboard boxes that cockroaches love, work clothes brought home from the workplace, the lids of Turkish toilets not being fitted or without lids, the gaps on the sides of the pipe inlets and outlets under the sinks, accumulating Situations and situations such as staying in the house for a long time, not vacuuming and wiping the house daily (things like hair and feathers spilled from people and pets attract cockroaches.), settling in the belongings from the previous house before and after the move, or during transportation are an invitation for cockroaches.


    They can easily enter and exit places such as fireplaces and chimneys. If birds can enter and exit the roof of your building, cockroaches may form from the dirt they leave in the attic and they can spread to your building again. Cockroaches, also known as heating bugs, can enter and exit through the main openings in the dishwasher water drain.


    If you say that I still have cockroaches in my house even though I have eliminated all these negativities; then there may be a big nesting somewhere in your house before. Spraying the house only kills and destroys the living cockroaches, but it does not have any effect on their eggs. This means an endless cockroach infestation. You should not forget the fact that all unused items and clothing must be cleaned, free of eggs and dirt.



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