You will have a unique web experience with this creative wordpress theme that we have scripted for Car Repair and Car Maintenance Services.

If you want to impress your customers with a creative design for your Car Repair website, you are in the right place.

Your website should both impress visitors with creative designs and be understandable. With this unique creative design concept that we have developed based on all these, you will become a leading vehicle repair company in your sector.

We have prepared a creative car animation slider at first glance for visitors to your site. You will get full points from your customers with this magnificent scenario, which we have guided with a magnificent web effect and made all parts of it work. You will hypnotize everyone with the slider background rotate effect and the headlight effect when hovering over the car and the amazing constantly spinning wheel effect.

You will have a complete corporate concept with this template that we have equipped with fine lines.

You will direct attention to the phone with the creative menu hover line effect and special phone setting effect.

We also gave an advanced hover effect along with the creative icon sets for the car repair industry that we compiled in the services area. Thus, you will be able to use both picture and advanced icon sets.

You will be able to have an effective experience with the car repair process scenario that we guide with fine lines.

You will also be able to get quick responses with the appointment forms, callback forms, offer forms and contact forms we have created for car repairs.

With its advanced SEO infrastructure and great code density, you will take your place in the first place in search engines.

You will also be fully compatible with its advanced mobile design that is shaped by all devices.

With its easy control panel, you will be able to change your corporate structure in a minute and provide jet-speed customization with magnificent acf theme pages.

Here are the Features of our Mechanica WordPress Theme:

  • Creative Car Slider area, Continuously rotating wheel effect, hover effect that lights up when the car hovers
  • Creative slider background adjustment rotate icon
  • Gorgeous countdown zones and hover effect
  • Modern menu hover line effect
  • Modern menu dropdown hover effect
  • Creative phone tune rotate effect
  • Advanced services area, corporate vehicle repair icon sets and special image hover effect
  • Line buttons and special lines designed with fine lines
  • Spectacular vehicle repair process area scenario special icon sets
  • Car repair appointment form
  • Callback forms
  • Offer forms
  • Contact forms
  • Frequently asked questions area
  • Brands area
  • Advanced services detail page
  • Modern header and footer field
  • Gorgeous Sass, Css, Html, Javascript, Jquery, Bootstrap and pHp coding
  • Import all demo data with one click
  • Easy control panel
  • Gorgeous theme pages, jet-speed content customization with these pages
  • 200 corporate icon sets
  • 80 web effects
  • 60 next generation web fonts
  • Advanced about page
  • Advanced team page
  • Creative wash out effect
  • Gorgeous opening effect
  • Advanced sidewidget area, contact areas
  • Gorgeous background images
  • And more..

If you are looking for a creative wordpress theme for your car repair company, you can do wonders with our Mechanica WordPress theme. Don’t waste your time. Time consuming!

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