Kinder – Kindergarten & Child Care WordPress Theme

Are you looking for a unique wordpress theme with high added value for your kindergarten?

Then with this template you will be able to show your school in a next generation creative concept.

With our Kinder WordPress theme, you get the next generation of creative and modernized corporate design. If you want to be an unforgettable kindergarten site in search engines and widen the difference between you and your competitors, you can become a LEADER school in the kindergarten sector with this template.

You will present a professional 3D slider screen as a first impression to visitors entering your site. And then you will show a great concept with the field about 3D rotate feature. You will create a safe environment and reflect professionalism.

With the installation video we have included in the documentation, you will be able to transfer the demo in a very short time and easily change all your content. Forget about complicated and boring administration panels.

If you want to make a difference for your kindergarten in digital, experience it now.

What Kinder WordPress Theme Gets You?

  1. Allows you to present a concept with a 3D effect.
  2. It makes your corporate identity strong.
  3. It connects your target audience to yourself with special contact forms.
  4. It ensures that you have a professional and impressive structure.
  5. It allows you to have a special design for all devices.
  6. It offers quick customization with its easy-to-manage panel.
  7. It guarantees you to be an unforgettable kindergarten in the virtual environment.
  8. Shows your team professionally.
  9. Shows your trainings in a striking way.
  10. It allows you to be ahead of your competitors in search engines.

Here are Kinder WordPress Theme Features:

  • 3D modernize effect slider
  • About area with 3D effect
  • Blog carousel area with 3D effect
  • Comments carousel area
  • Teachers carousel area
  • 200 corporate icon sets
  • 70 unique web effects
  • 50 next generation web fonts
  • Advanced tutorials page
  • Advanced custom icon set trainings carousel area
  • Advanced callback form
  • Advanced offer form
  • Advanced contact form
  • 3D information space boxes
  • Advanced services detail page
  • Advanced gallery area
  • blog area
  • Advanced contact page
  • Fully mobile design
  • Professional and easy-to-manage management panel
  • Quick up button
  • Special opening effect
  • Modern menu hover effect
  • modern dropdown menu
  • Advanced sidewidget dialog area
  • modern design
  • And more…

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