Autocar – Car Posting & Car Dealership WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Autocar WooCommerce WordPress Theme is a professional WooCommerce WordPress Theme carefully crafted for Car DealersCar SalesVehicle DealersUsed Car SalesAuto SalesCar AdvertisingVehicle Promotion and All Vehicle Services.

If you are a vehicle dealer or considering a website for your vehicle trading platform. Our autocar wordpress theme with superior features will be a great choice for you.

Visitors entering your site will be greeted with a super impression. It will understand that you are a professional site with its special slider area and special tool filtering area. With the special vehicle listing page, they will be able to filter all advertisements according to special data criteria.

On the Dealers page, there will be phone numbers and biographies of all vehicle dealers, and your visitors will be able to search for dealers with a special filtering field. With the Autocar WordPress template, you will become a Professional vehicle dealer and trading company.

One of the sine qua non of a professional website is that the site is superior both in terms of design and software. Incorrect sites waste your time. And time is money.

For example;

“When you buy a vehicle, if you want it to be both cheap and good in terms of superior features and appearance. Unfortunately, this is not possible. Because quality is not cheap. A vehicle that is good in terms of design but bad in terms of software is not a reason for preference. It is good in terms of software but bad in appearance. You don’t want the car again. That’s why you can’t fit the Ferrari. And we offer you a Ferrari with this template.”

You can add all your dealers. And you can add vehicles with dealer entries. With the feature of adding a limited number of vehicles, you can stop all advertisements by giving a date.

We have prepared a special E-Commerce page for adding multiple vehicles. You can add an unlimited number of products by displaying your products specifically on this packages page. People who want to add more than one tool will have to get your packages. And you will be able to get good sales with woocommerce.

You will impress your visitors with the effects we have scripted with special 3D spaces.

The administration panel is very simple and useful. You can easily customize all your content.

Here are Autocar WooCommerce WordPress Theme Features:

  • Easy panel – change all colors, fonts and sizes (Custom theme settings area)
  • One-click import of demo (You can import all data with one click.)
  • Mobile design (shaped according to desktop, mobile phone, tablet and all devices)
  • Custom icon sets (Professional icons)
  • Custom vehicle filtering area (Advanced features vehicle search and filtering)
  • Custom vehicle list page (Tools area in custom view where you can filter vehicles in Professional view)
  • Dealers page (Special area with vehicle dealers and special filtering area)
  • Vehicle add page (Special page created for users who want to send vehicles to your site)
  • Vehicle detail page (Special page with dealers in professional view)
  • Vehicle detail gallery area (You will be able to show vehicles as a gallery.)
  • WooCommerce packages area Special products page where you can sell your vehicle packages)
  • Special web effects (Animations area)
  • Custom page templates (Easy page customization with custom page fields)
  • Custom web fonts (Custom fonts to customize your website)
  • Super light (Lightning fast setup and operation)
  • Menu with special effects (Fine lines)
  • 3d slider area (Full screen slider slider)
  • Carousel blog (Custom carousel area)
  • Full seo compatibility (Yoast seo plugin setting)
  • Team area (Private team members area)
  • 3d pricing area (Custom detailed 3d pricing table)
  • Callback forms (Special forms – contact form 7)
  • İletişim formları (Özel formlar – iletişim formu 7)
  • Özel acf sistemi (Profesyonel altyapı)
  • Custom blog structure (Accelerated article fields)
  • Dropdown (Custom boot dropdown)
  • Custom side widget (Icon set side widget)
  • Newsletter area (Footer newsletter area)
  • Social media icons (Custom social media icons)
  • Special services page (3d effects services page)
  • About us page (3d effect about page)
  • Customers page (Special customers section)
  • Pricing page (3d effect pricing page)
  • Pop-up forms (Pop-down form fields from your packages)
  • Special front loader effect (Special effect)
  • Go up button (Quick up)
  • Background replacement feature (Background structure for all pages)
  • Page title change feature (Page title structure for all pages)
  • Sticky menu (Full compatible sticky menu)

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