Academy – Online Courses & Education WooCommerce WordPress Theme

Academy WooCommerce WordPress Theme is SUPERIOR features professional woocommerce wordpress theme designed for Online CourseOnline EducationUniversitySchoolCareer EducationElementary SchoolLearning and All Online Courses.

You will have a professional woocommerce wordpress theme in the udemy system that you set with our Online Course theme, which we have developed specifically for Instructors and Students.

With this professional wordpress theme, which we guide on online courses and trainings, you will have the education site of your dreams.

With this rare and magnificent online woocommerce wordpress theme that we have developed with a Minimal and Modern scenario, you will easily get the sales system you want.

You will greet the visitors entering your site with a magnificent slider screen and you will make a fully corporate and understandable presentation with the areas we have created with modern blocks.

With the Instructor and Student registration pages, you will be able to get quick applications and get very fast sales.

You will get advanced teacher profiles, modern course detail pages, advanced course filtering fields, course difficulty levels, course topics lessons, course progress, course completion process, course review areas and many more great features.

With this theme powered by Woocommerce, you will be able to set special pricing for all courses.

You will be able to make pricing and transfer payments at the rate you want, with earnings and commissions.

You will have an online course theme with practical and advanced features.

You will have hundreds of corporate icon sets, web fonts and web effects.

You will have a system that will resonate around the world with this online education theme, which we have designed with a magnificent scenario and put great effort into.

Here are the Features of Academy WordPress Theme:

  • Modern and Impressive fullScreen slider area
  • Modern blocks and layouts
  • Animated backgrounds
  • Animated icon sets
  • Professional icon box systems
  • Animated comments area
  • New generation modern carousels
  • Advanced header and footer field
  • Professional social media icons
  • Professional and advanced popup ajax course search form
  • Front End Course Builder
  • Unlimited Courses and Lessons
  • Course Preview
  • Intuitive Advancement Course Builder
  • Front End Student Dashboard
  • Personalized Dashboard for Each Role (Admins, instructors, Students)
  • More than 200 corporate icon sets
  • More than 80 professional web effects
  • More than 60 next generation web fonts
  • Separate Teacher profiles
  • Course management
  • Dynamic drag and drop
  • Certificate generator
  • Advanced Quiz builder (Multiple exam types)
  • Video lessons
  • Multiple video sources (self-hosted, YouTube, Vimeo, Presto Player, Embedded Video, etc.)
  • Earnings and commission allocation
  • Multiple withdrawal options
  • Purchase history
  • Style options
  • Teacher registration form
  • Student registration form
  • Advanced login form
  • Course review and rating system
  • Q&A for students with course teacher
  • Video poster (trailer/promotion)
  • Track course progress
  • Course difficulty level
  • Define course duration
  • Course market
  • Add course requirements and instruction
  • Exam Scheduler
  • Exam Attempts
  • Central monetization settings
  • Spotlight mode
  • Content security
  • Check out the theme now for advanced analytics and more.

And see the difference…. Build your system without wasting any more time.

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