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What is the importance of colors for the website?

Colors are very important for the website to be considered.Colors psychologically lead the visitor who enters your site to think positively about your success and your site.The web designer person determines the colors of the site specifically for the company.When a visitor enters your site, it concentrates on the overall design of the site and especially its colors for about 10 seconds.In a simple and easy-to-use way, your site page will not exit immediately.Using more than 2 or 3 colors in website design can change the visitor’s thoughts about the site.

The meanings of some colors on the website;
White: is a color that represents simplicity and reliability for a website.
Red: is the best color with sensory intensity.It represents excitement and interest.
Orange: is the warmest and most reliable color for people.
Purple: Denotes passion, romance and imagination.
Black: is the color that web designers usually use.This color is the one that will appeal to the visitor’s eye the most and represent the relevance.
Green: It is a harmonious color that looks the most suitable for people’s eyes.
Yellow: This color represents optimism,imagination.
Pink: is a calm color.He attracts attention with his sweetness and sympathy.


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