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What is Seo and Sem?

What is Seo and Sem?

SEO and SEM are two sides of the same coin, but they consist of very different actions and are related to different aspects of marketing. It covers studies that show the correct sites to the user in organic searches of the matching sites. Sem (Search Engine Marketing) are the websites displayed in the advertisement spaces in Google search engines. It covers the work done to be in the first place in advertising areas. Both studies increase the quality of your brand.

Seo (Search Engine Optimization) is a more suitable study for visitors who are more researcher about the website. Sem (Search Engine Marketing) is the website that is shown in the first place above the organic results in search engines. With Sem (Search Engine Marketing), you can display a product or service you want to sell in advertisement areas with the content you want. The important difference between the two is; You pay advertising fees for Sem (Search Engine Marketing). For Seo (Search Engine Optimization), you can show your site in organic searches by working without paying.

What is SEO and Sem Working Logic ?

If we give an example for

Seo (Search Engine Optimization); “ A visitor who wants to get a repair service can further analyze the sites in organic searches for price research. This is also important for sites made for seo. ”

If we give an example for

Sem (Search Engine Marketing); “ When a visitor who wants to buy sneakers sees campaign discount-style content in Google ad spaces, it may be more interesting and conversions may be better. This is also important for sites made for sem.

Of course, both require proper studies. With the right studies and quality content that will carry you to the top, you can turn your site into self-qualified sites loved by Google. You will need an expert on this subject.

With the right content, right work, right link structure, original content and special SEO techniques for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), it is possible to be in the top ranks. However, with the wrong work, your site may fall from ranking in Google search engines. That’s why you should optimize your site correctly for seo work.

The work done for Sem (Search Engine Marketing) also ensures that your site is in the 1st and 4th places in the advertising areas. 1. You should optimize your Google Adwords work correctly in order to rank and increase your target audience.


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