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What is Google Trends?

Google Trends is an advanced system that shows how many times your visitors search for your site in keywords. With this featured system created for website users, you can configure your web design jobs correctly by following the keyword work of your websites.

Google Trends is a very important service resource for users. Before companies make a web design, you can see how often the keyword is searched and analyzed with this service. Google Trends is a service that shows how many keywords that webmasters query for are searched for in which geography and at what times. That’s why in web design jobs, you can see how much the firm’s keyword density is. Before you start your SEO optimization efforts, reviewing this service will help you configure the right SEO strategies and tactics.

Google Trends is a very useful structure for users. As an example, let’s say you’re going to open a web page with a shoe industry. You will constantly enter and invest in content on your site. Only you don’t know how intensively your shoe keywords are searched and the difficulty of SEO. You also don’t know the daily visitor you are targeting. The Google Trends service comes into play in this regard. By logging in at , you see your analysis. You can decode the analysis by typing the keywords you are targeting in the search section.

With this enormous service provided by Google, you can decode the search volume by detecting your target audience, web design you can also direct your work accordingly. with a web page work of 500 people, you can create your websites in a healthy way by removing your website work of 50 people from here.

Google Trends is not a structure to be underestimated. It is a very important resource for SEO optimization. Before starting SEO, analyzes are performed. These analyzes are determined for the target audience and information about the status of competing companies is collected. The target audience is very important in this regard. There are mountains of differences between the 50 people who will enter your site and the 500 people dec will enter. That’s why Google Trends shows you the volume of clicks. Such a resource is also very important for SEO.

Companies that analyze with Google Trends have fast-growing websites that rank high in keywords.


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