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What is Google Caffeine?

Google Caffeine covers the work of large companies that are constantly updated and remain in the top positions, facilitating competition for companies that plan to rise in the ranking by producing newly created and useful content. That is, they are studies to get ahead of websites that are very old and have a large advertising audience. For example, when we want to search for the word ”suit” on Google, we come across websites such as altın yıldız, pierrecardin, damat and kığılı, and this is the fairest system created for companies that cannot beat such companies in the ranking in the industry. It is of great importance for the constant monitoring of current issues on your site and their promotion to the top positions. Google Caffeine is the new form of seo optimization that reflects all your shares on social media directly to search engines. dec strong> Thanks to the tracking and clicking of the content you link from your website to your social media pages, it increases the volume of topics appearing in search engines dec

The most beautiful feature that comes with Google Caffeine is the cookie feature. By giving an example, if we explain, “ Your website is in your keyword 8. Suppose you are next. The person who visited your site, 8. 4. To try out your Google site when your site is searched again in the browser when it visits you while you are on the queue. He throws it on the page. Again, the same user created your site 4. Google your site in real time when you click on page 4. He’ll keep it on the page. If you constantly visit your site with the help of cookies, you will be able to see that you are rising in the ranking faster. “ Dec this reason, providing useful information to your visitors will create the opportunity for someone who visits your site in search engines to log back in to your site.

Another feature that Google Caffeine cares about is the speed of your site. Speed is the most important structure for SEO. web design you should definitely pay attention to the issue of speed in your work. You should want the Hosting on your site to be in the LiteSpeed feature. You should compress your css and javascript files for your site. You should optimize your images. Thus, your site will accelerate. The effect of your website speed on SEO As we mentioned in the article, you should optimize your site so that it opens as quickly as possible. Your speed will have a huge impact on your rise to the top ranks.

If you want your website to become a high-ranking web page with attributes, you should understand the Caffeine system correctly.

[icon_list icon_style=”default” font_size=”default_size” item_width=”1″]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You should increase the links you give to your keywords in your on-site work according to the number of visitors. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You should pay great attention to links that will be given off-site, especially on social media. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You must constantly share current information. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You must make off-site backlinks from pages that are related to your site. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You should multiply the number of backlinks you will give about your site according to your increasing visitors. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″]In the links that you will provide from your site content, you must provide a link by making your keywords noticeably bold. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You should try to keep your on-site posts as long as possible. [/icon_list_line]
[icon_list_line icon=”icon-star-1″] You should share content as much as possible on social networking sites such as Google Plus, Facebook, and Twitter. [/icon_list_line]


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