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What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress plugin (Plugin) is very important from the point of view of system development. You can fill everything,even an empty design, with add-ons. Slides, member forms, banners, products, interface design fonts, etc. you can find millions of plugins for wordpress. Plug-ins are made to ensure that systems have more functions and are easy to use. This is exactly the case with WordPress. But what makes WordPress different is that it has plugins developed and produced by many people around the world.When we install WordPress, we encounter a very simple system. Thanks to plugins, the simple system of WordPress becomes a platform that provides a wide range of services. For example, thanks to plugins on our blog, we can easily add a contact form and offer surveys to our users. The plugin installation in WordPress was done manually in previous versions. But thanks to the developers, we can also install the plugin from the WordPress administration panel.


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