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What is a Google Bomb? | How Do You Get Rid?

What is a Google Bomb?

Google Bomb is a criminal filtering system. There are some settings that are made to exit this filtering site that are not as scary as the sandbox. Google Bomb penalty is the regression of your site in the top keywords. The biggest feature that causes this penalty is that you receive too many links from your keywords and repeat your keywords constantly. Companies that rank dec in search engines are applying more SEO to be permanent and they can constantly make incorrect applications in their keywords. Because you are constantly dealing with SEO in the infrastructure of your site, you are starting to decline in your keywords because Google sees your site as a website that will benefit you, not the visitor. That’s why you should configure your sites correctly.

How to Get Rid of Google Bomb Penalty?

  • You should remove your keywords from the articles you link to on your website.< / li>
  • Reduce the poor quality links you give out about your keywords.< / li>
  • Reduce the links you give from your keyword in your non-long posts.< / li>
  • Reduce your constantly repeating keywords.< / li>
  • Be sure to add two articles every two days.< / li>
  • Re-configure your headers with your keywords and don’t exceed 60 characters.< / li>
  • Edit your descriptions with slogan-style keywords so that they cannot exceed 159 characters.< / li>
  • REMOVE the tags that you used in the same two articles.< / li>
  • Try to reduce your tags as much as possible. Do not use the same labels.< / li>
  • In order for Google to notice your site, share it on your Social Media pages.< / li>
  • Send a notification to Google to review your site again.< / li>

To stay on top of your keywords, share useful information and original content. Do not link to your keywords constantly. When Google bots visit your site, they evaluate the quality of your article and the user-oriented information provided to determine the quality of your page. Try to provide user-oriented information by sharing articles and use different tags in October article when adding tags. Constantly share original content so that your website dec be permanent in the search engines.

Try to constantly provide useful information on your site. When the visitor enters your site, add content that will stay for a long time, attract his attention. Be careful not to add content on your site that will repeat keywords. Do not have more than two identical links on the site, if you have given too many links in your keywords in the articles on your homepage, remove them. If you follow this information, your website will not receive a Bomb penalty and you can comfortably keep your place at the top.


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