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What is a Canonical URL?

Canonical URL means Canonical URL in the English sense. A canonical URL is a coding system for organizing structures belonging to the same pages into a single page, showing them as a single page. The canonical URL is of great importance for SEO. Pages on the same links that we create on our site will be perceived by Google as duplicate content. If these settings are not made correctly, our website will be dropped from the ranking. When doing web design for your company, much attention should be paid to the Canonical URL structure. Pages with the same links are not liked by Google, and it becomes impossible for you to be ahead of your competitors. That’s why you need to optimize this encoding setting very correctly. You should add your Canonical URL on the same links to a second one on your site.

Since the canonical URL is web standards-compliant encoding, you can use this piece of code on all pages on your site. Using this system will create value for you both in your links and in the eyes of Google, and you will be able to maintain your place in the ranking. In some browsers, when entering any website, you will see a C sign on the side of the browser to see if the site matches the Canonical URL. This means that the site is using the correct Canonical URL structure correctly.

You will also have the same problem when you create the same content on your website again and create the link structure with a similar encoding. In this way, you will not benefit from SEO. In order for it to be in Google standards, you should DEFINITELY use the Canonical URL structure on the second pages and the same links on your site. That’s why you should include the Canonical URL code on your pages that look like the same content on your website.

The link structures that can be used for the same content related to your website can be as follows.

an example of 6 pages is a link structure with the same content as the Main page. By using the Canonical URL structure for these link structures, we can ensure that our pages are not duplicate content in the eyes of Google and are in a single layout.

the Canonical URL structure for 4 pages should be like this.
<link rel=”canonical” href=” /” />
The last two links are for the link;
<link rel=”canonical” href=” /” />
it should be encoded as.

In accordance with the above settings, we recommend that you use a Canonical URL on your Site to ensure that your pages on the same link structure and content of your website are not affected by SEO in accordance with the above settings.


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