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The importance of images in web design

Google the most important feature for SEO optimization is the sub tag for images. Google bots cannot read the images when they enter your site, they can understand what the images are with a sub tag. That’s why you should definitely enter the description on the alt tag when creating your images. If you don’t enter visual seo you won’t be able to benefit. This feature is very important for you to get to the top in Seo. In the WordPress infrastructure, this feature is fully compatible with Google. Each created image comes with a sub tag. WordPress is the best content management system that Google likes. It forms a system that search robots can easily understand by decoding images with their proportions.  Reducing image sizes is also the best factor in opening your site quickly. Suppose you are going to make a large slider, it will be larger than the slider in the pictures. These images need to be optimized correctly and reduced in size. If you reduce the images you will also benefit greatly from web design.

The images that we will use on our website should be user-oriented and made in small file sizes. In files uploaded too late, visitors are bored and turn to different sites. For this reason, we should reduce the size of our images as much as possible when creating our sites. By size, the image is not the size, but the size that your file takes up space on your server. The more this size is reduced, the more benefits you can see. When your site opens quickly, your visitors will not leave the site immediately, and they will easily view your images that open quickly with a large image.

This is the same situation on e-commerce sites. suppose you have 1000 different products. The visitor who enters your website will want to investigate your other products and your reliability on your site. In this way, he will be more satisfied with the fast-opening site and make his purchases with peace of mind. On slow-opening sites, the visitor will be bored and leave your website because the page will open slowly when going to the product detail. That’s why you should reduce the image sizes of your e-commerce websites. This is the detail that should be paid attention to on e-commerce sites. No matter how good your site is visually, visitors will not be satisfied if your website opens slowly. We can also give an example of this in our daily lives. Suppose we are going to watch a movie; when we type watch a movie on Google, we review the sites on the first pages and choose whichever site provides faster performance. If the site response time is long, we will exit that site. Then the speed of opening your website is very important. For this reason, reducing the image sizes and speeding up our opening time will please users and keep us at the forefront of the industry.


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