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The importance of fonts in web design

Fonts form the thinking structure of the company. The fonts and fonts that you use in the content express emotionality and authority. In particular, font compatibility it is very important for web design. Using more than two fonts on your website can lead to bad and amateur images on your site. That is why we do not recommend using more than two fonts. Corporate the most important features for web design are fonts. The use of fonts suitable for corporate identity and fonts that will not tire the eye should be used. Font sizes should not be too small. The visitor should be able to read the content easily. The more legible the fonts are, the more satisfied the visitor will be. That’s why heading tags are important for seo. You can see the h1 h2 h3 h4 h5 h6 tags on your site and their effect very well. You should make sure that the font sizes on your site are not too small.


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