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The effect of your website speed on SEO

The average opening time of a website is no more than 3 seconds. should be. Page speed is the most important feature for SEO. The better your site speed is, the more you can get to good locations by providing more drops. In this way, you become websites loved by Google. When visitors enter your website, if your page opens late, they will get bored and won’t look at your other pages, and their stay on the page will be reduced. This, in turn, will create a bad image in the industry, and you will quickly fall out of the ranking. The faster your site is, the more the visitor will look at it without hesitation, reviewing your other pages. By looking at your other pages, the time you stay on the page will also increase. In this way, the visitor will not forget the identity of your brand on your site and your awareness will increase. That’s why the SEO effect of your website speed is so important. Alexa and Google Analytics in the visitor’s important Analysis tool such as bounce rate will show a decline. This will also give you great flexibility and indexing in seo. that’s why the job of web design is also important. Opening the page quickly will benefit from a more convenient review of your products.

In order for your website to open quickly, css and javascript codes must be compressed in your page structure. In this way, your websites will open faster. Search bots will browse your site more comfortably and decode your pages very quickly when your site loads quickly. In order for your website to open quickly, your images must be optimized very well. The higher the image sizes, the more your page speed will decrease accordingly. Thus, you will experience a decline in both visitor-based and SEO. Reducing and configuring image sizes is the most important factor in opening your site quickly.

As the visual content of your website increases, the page size increases. You should reduce the file sizes by optimizing your images correctly. What Google visitors want is an understandable web page and speed. This is also the purpose of the webmaster tools that Google has released. Website owners analyze the speed of the site, the rate at which the visitor stops on the page, and correct it with the right methods. With non-LiteSpeed features in hosting uses, your website will slow down very much as a result of overloading. For this reason, much attention should also be paid to the company where you receive hosting services. When buying a hosting service, you should pay close attention to the fact that the server has a LiteSpeed feature. With this feature, your sites will open faster.

The page opening sizes of the sites that are on the first page of the Google search results are in the range of 0.25 dec. To test the speed of your site you can analyze it with the site.


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