Social Media Management


Social media management covers the general visual design works for the promotion of your brand. Social media are powerful platforms that will increase the awareness of your brand. You should reflect the face of your brand with the right designs and share careful content.

We Strengthen Your Pages on Social Media. Every new day, a company takes its place in business life and wants to take the place of its office on the internet before it even creates its office. Social media is an increasingly important concept for brands. On Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, FriendFeed and many more, brands, products and people are commented on, content is shared, and advice is received. People voice their complaints about products and services on social media. With the right social media studies, you can sell your products to your customers faster.

We produce creative ideas for your social media posts. We share impressive and understandable designs in every new post.


Social media account management are effective sharing pages that will bring your products, publications and services to millions of audiences. As Garanti web design, we produce the latest creative designs and realize unique promotions.< /p>



After the customer is listened to and detailed information about the Social Media service is received, a service offer is prepared and presented to the customer’s information. The price situation may change according to the customer project delivery priority.

Management Process

We appoint a customer-specific expert for Social Media account management. We provide information for every detail. We inform the customer about the details via Whatsapp or Mail. We post 2 posts per day.


We charge Social Media account management fees annually. We create the right strategy by determining the social media advertising budget and also the customer. Any commission etc. from the client advertising budget. We do not charge fees.