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Seo Yoast Settings

WordPress seo is a content management system with an advanced infrastructure. That is why it is one of the most used systems. A very advanced, especially seo modules users with web design by optimizing their job the right way, to move to the top pages of the sites, make these settings. However, these settings must be made correctly. Incorrect seo can drop you from the ranking.

WordPress seo yoast plugin is a very advanced module. It is a quality plugin that shows the analysis of your pages, articles, tags and all your content in its content. It is an advanced plugin that automatically creates your xml sitemaps, shows the social authorship of your page in automatic source code, and you can prevent bad links from forming. It also tells you what you need to do in page analysis to ensure that your pages meet the SEO criteria. In this direction, you can configure your site correctly by detecting the shortcomings of your pages. In order to get ahead of your competitors in the virtual race between companies, you should optimize your site very dec.

General Settings of the Yoast Plugin

In general settings, the setting in your information section is very important. This setting automatically transfers whatever you gave your site name to when you set up your website. That’s why you should enter your page title in the Settings – General Settings tab and type in your keywords on the top pages and in which words you want to exit. What we should pay attention to when writing our title is not to exceed 60 characters. It’s very difficult to be on the top pages with long headlines. You can also verify your Alexa, Bing, Google and Yandex identities from the webmaster tools.

Yoast Seo Titles & Commodities

There is a very important detail here. If we choose to force a rewrite of the titles, we will automatically create all the content that I publish on our website, and we will have to rewrite it. That’s why we don’t mark it. We will add titles and descriptions by checking each page regularly so that we can configure all our content titles correctly. From the Home tab, you can also specify the front page title and description by editing the homepage itself. It is also correct to set our settings from the Fonts tab to %%title% % ” %%sitename%% this way. Our page titles (title) will not be very long. The Category and Archive tab are also valid for them.

Yoast Seo is Social

In order for your social pages to be dependent on each other, this setting is of great importance in the seo angle. It is a very important feature to report your social profiles to Google. Google caffeine is very important for the system. You are doing quality optimization with the meta tags that it creates in the Meta section. Again, the most important feature is the author section on the Google + tab. If you have a Google+ page, you should definitely add it. Google’s own system, plus, has set up this system to collect information about companies. This tab will be added as an author with your source code again <head> section in the meta <link rel=”publisherhref=””/> adding to it.

Yoast Seo XML Sitemaps

One of the most important features of Yoast is that it creates an xml sitemap itself. It creates a site map on its own without the need for other plugins. In particular, you can set it for yourself by specifying the places on the site map that you do not want to be created. Yoast settings at the first installation you need to save your option from permanent connections again. If you do not do this, you may receive an error.

Yoast Advanced Settings

In this section, the Show roadmap option is a very important setting for sites that do not have the breadcrumb feature in their theme. This setting needs to be done for SEO. Firms web design needs to be very careful in having this feature. Those who are on the site do not need to do it. The Permanent links tab is the most beautiful feature offered for us. It is very important in these settings that we can configure our articles and categories correctly. If you want to remove the category base (usually /category/ or /category/) from the address, you must select. In this way, your categories will be configured as /baslik/subject, not as /category/baslik/subject. Because it will not be long in your titles, you will have made appropriate settings for both visitors and Google for web design and SEO. Excluding jul words will also help you create a clean URL.

Yoast Settings

From this category, seo is the section we need to back up our settings. From the Export option, we can export all our data by saying include tagging metadata. With the Import option, we can also transfer our data back again.

In our video below, we explain in detail how to configure seo yoast settings correctly.


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