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SEO For E-Commerce Sites

SEO settings for e-Commerce sites should be configured very correctly. Especially a company with a lot of product and service content should pay close attention to the information we will share. before you make a web design, you should add a special search engine on the site where the site can be easily understood and the product dec visitor is looking for can be easily found. Thus, visitors will be satisfied with your site. Thus, the stop rate on your website will increase. This will prove that you are a quality website and you will deserve your place at the top of Google.

A feature that should be on your E-Commerce site is that live support software is installed. Thanks to live support, you can provide one-to-one correspondence with your customers. In this way, you can direct visitors to different pages and ensure that the product is indexed quickly on your detail page.

When entering the product detail page, your meta link must match the title. Thus, your link structure will not be long and you will become a more efficient site.

There should be no link structure such as category/product category/product in your category links. The longer your link is, the more you will fall out of SEO. Therefore, the link structure / product category / product link structure that should be correct is. So you can quickly see the impact of your website on the rankings.

The title of your site should be in the titles where you sell the most services and products and should not exceed 60 characters.

Your meta description field on your site should consist of two sentences with a maximum of 160 characters and be written as a slogan and be compatible with the titles, which also has a great effect. On the contrary, you cannot benefit from SEO in studies conducted.

You should include the heading tags that you care about in the content on your e-Commerce site, namely h1, h2, h3, h4, h5.

The opening time of your e-Commerce site should not exceed 5 seconds. Slow-opening sites are a disadvantage for both visitors and SEO. That’s why site speed is so important for SEO. You should increase the speed of your site.

As we have shared in our previous posts, comments are the biggest factor that allows a visitor to access your site and make purchases. That’s why you should encourage your visitors to comments. Comment is an SEO system that has a great impact both for visitors and for Google. So you get a quick rise on your pages.

Pay attention to social media.Instagram Facebook, Twitter, Instagram social media sharing campaigns on your sites Strengthen your site by sharing them in areas such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So you can get more efficiency.

Create useful articles for visitors on your site. Thus, visitors will be satisfied and will still spend time on your site in the long run. Thus, your site will be considered by Google robots and you will be able to benefit from SEO. The more useful content you provide to people, the more qualified you will be seen as a website in the eyes of Google and you will be rewarded.

For newly created sites, Google Adwords ads are of the greatest importance from the point of view of SEO. The first thing you need to do after you promote your site to Google is advertise Adwords. Thus, you will benefit from visitor-based SEO. You can make the most effective use of SEO by optimizing the advertising settings of your sites correctly, capturing a quick indexing of the visits you receive in your keywords. Of course, in order to get fast results, When doing web design, it is also very important that the site is seo-friendly. The structure of your site is completely White Hat Seo ya, that is, it should be optimized in accordance with the legal and original content. You will not benefit from illegal work.


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