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How is ceramic coating made?

While the use of ceramic coating is becoming widespread, the question of how to make a ceramic coating is among the most frequently questions.

Ceramic coating, which has been used much more widely after many years, consists of materials such as silicon oxide - diamond - glass - clay - quartz combined with nano technology.

It has also been a preferred material for coating vehicles. It draws attention as it is described as an unscratchable material. Being scratch-proof is a highly sought-after feature for vehicles, making it preferred in coating services.

Environmental conditions are one of the most important points to be considered while ceramic coating is applied. Care should be taken to ensure that the environment where the procedure is performed is dry, dust-free and away from the sun. After the process is completed, the vehicle should rest for a while. In this way, you can prevent sunlight from damaging the newly made coating.

Advantages of ceramic coating

Ceramic coating is one of the best things to do to prevent defects that will cause cars to be repainted. The ceramic coating, which is applied very simply and has a long service life, has many advantages:

• Car surfaces are exposed to sunlight, triggering oxidation. This causes sunspots to form on the paint over time. Ceramic coating creates a second layer on vehicle surfaces, ensuring that the surface is minimally affected by sunspots.

• Cars can be exposed to various chemicals even during daily driving. The most common and most harmful of these are acidic elements. The ceramic coating prevents acidic substances from reacting with the layer on the paint and prevents acid stains that may occur on the vehicle.

• Ceramic material improves the reflective properties of both the paint and the varnish layer, making cars look brighter and more attractive than before. Moreover, vehicles with ceramic coating have a more aesthetic appearance than before and show a significant increase in second-hand values.

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