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New Edit of Google Adwords!

Google Adwords has made a very effective and very costly update with the new edit. With the new system, ads that appear on the right side will no longer be included. The ads were increased to 4 sites by increasing 1 more site so that they only appear in the first row on the left. With this new system developed by Google, it has made a very useful system for website owners.

The ads clicked on the Google search engine are generally the top dec websites. Since the websites left on the right side did not benefit and the click-through rate was very low, nothing made sense. Because the ads on the right side were not clicked a lot, the returns were very few. The only sites that were in the top 3 were those that had a lot of constant feedback. With the newly arrived update, the only thing now is looking at the budget. Since the cost of CPC will also be high, you will have to give a high cost in order to be effective in the first place. Although the competition dec advertising between companies and the budget has increased even more with the newly arrived system, it has been transformed into the most effective system.

The purpose of Google in bringing such an innovation is not only because it thinks about you, but also because it thinks about its own pocket. In order to take your place in the top 4, you will have to increase your budget a little more. In this case SEO comes into play and it turns out that it is the first service that companies should do.

We believe that the company that does not do Seo optimization and only advertises Google Adwords will now be reduced in budget issues. That’s why we call SEO OPTIMIZATIONfirst of all for websites. When these settings are configured correctly and up-to-date work is done, you can permanently take your place on the top pages without making too large payments without advertising Adwords.

The most suitable advertising system for your company is that you have SEO optimization. Thus, your original appearance on the first page to reveal the quality of your company, both financially and by not advertising, will also have a great impact on visitors.


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