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Managing Google webmaster tools

Google has introduced webmaster tools to better understand your websites and communicate with site owners. Thanks to these tools, it is important seo tools that provide information about fixing the problems encountered by Google robots when scanning the site by sending them to the owner instantly. After you open a Google account,, you must add your site by logging into the site. Thus, your site will be noticed by Google and your indexing processes will be accelerated.

Webmastertools versatile tools web design jobs review and editing options. After adding your site, you will have the opportunity to study your site in more detail on seo topics. After entering the webmaster tools, it will ask you for a verification code to verify the website owner. You will continue by typing your site name in the Add a site section. It will ask you to perform your verification process by providing 4 different options for subsequent transactions. After selecting to upload the HTML file from these operations, you will be verified after you upload this file to the main directory of your site via ftp or via cpanel. And then you will see the control panel screen. On this screen, you will see the section where important developments about your site are listed by Google. Dec decode the urls, search queries, search errors, links to your site, search view, search traffic, Google index, keywords, sitemaps, search analytics, browsing, security issues, will see the screen.dec decode the urls, search results, and more.

search view in your web site over the internet which is a search query, error, missing title tags, duplicate title tags, long tags, title, etc. you can analyze important areas for SEO.

Search traffic  is the field that shows which terms your page is most searched for in searches for which keywords. From this field, you can see internal links and whether you have a country-based seo tag, such as hreflang. You can also analyze the problems in responsive compliance in the mobile usability section.

You can see the total number of pages indexed on your site in the Google index section. Content-keywords section, you can see the density of your keywords. You can block the content you want from blocked resources. In the Remove URLs section, you can create a request and delete the pages that you later deleted from here so that they don’t appear in Google searches.

In the Scan section, you can see your url analysis for scanning errors. From the browsing statistics, you can see your pages that are scanned by Google bots daily. can edit errors and settings with the txt tool.

Site mapsYou can see your indexed links on the site map from the section.

security issues problems that are detected by Google also, you can see the process on your website.


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