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Installing WordPress Localhost

WordPress is a cms open source content management system. Personal and corporate with WordPress you can do web design. There are thousands of resources where you can get support for WordPress topics. You can find add-ons according to your needs by clicking October Add new add-ons option from your administration panel. The best part of WordPress is that it is free. In particular, its infrastructure is the infrastructure that Google likes. With it, you can create your own websites in a healthy way. There are many seo plugins written for WordPress. Thanks to the correct configuration of these plug-ins, you will dec its benefit in the Google search engines. One of the most important plugins that should be on your WordPress site is the yoast seo plugin. By optimizing this plugin correctly and writing original articles, you can be permanent on the top pages.

You can find thousands of themes made on WordPress. In order for you to edit these themes yourself, you must have knowledge of software and design. The WordPress infrastructure is made in the PHP software language. If you want to design a custom interface for your websites, you should learn php software. That’s why programmers who know PHP well can easily make changes to themes and create professional websites.Besides these, design knowledge is very important in your imagination. A good knowledge of design programs such as Fireworks, Photoshop, has a big role in creating custom slide and similar designs on your website. Thus, your corporate identity private web design and seo are exposed about a professional website. With corporate design and the right infrastructure, your visitors will be satisfied with your website. You can also increase the stopping rate of your visitors from your page with useful information that you will provide to users on your website. Users who stay on your site for a long time with your keywords benefit 100% in terms of SEO. In this way, you can apply visitor-based SEO tactics. The website that pleases the visitor is also the websites that are loved by Google.

In the video that we shared below, users can wordpress we show the correct settings for its installation and permanent connections. To install WordPress, you must first install the xampp server. To install Xampp server you can download it by going to address. After downloading, its installation is very simple. C:/xampp/htdocs you should go to the folder and collect all your files here. Just activate the Xampp program by opening it, saying Apache and Mysql i start.

Wordpessi you can download it at / . After downloading, you should extract the files and transfer them to the htdocs folder, which is your main directory. Then a database will be needed. Click on the browser link by typing, you will click on databases and add a new database. Then again you can start the installation by typing. WordPress the installation screen will appear. Let’s get started for you to do the Config installation! you must click on the button. Then you must enter your user name and password in the database name that you created. After entering the information, the screen will appear for the site title and for the user password. After filling in this information, we create our site by saying Install WordPress. By logging in to the administration panel,entering the settings – permanent links tab, we select the name of the post and configure our site by clicking the save changes button.


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