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How should a good e-commerce site be?

In order to have a good e-commerce site, you must first have some capital.If you don’t have one, I say don’t try anything like this.

  • 1- Website design
  • 2- Virtual Pos
  • 3- Adwords or Seo Optimization
  • 4- Social Media

If you have enough money for the first 3 items, the most important factor on e-commerce sites is the desire of the visitor who enters how to make easy purchases from the site and how to become a member of the site most easily. We will make websites that will allow you to make comfortable purchases and have superior features by looking at the company where the e-commerce site will be built, first of all, through our own visitor’s eyes. The visitor (customer) entering the site should find and get what he is looking for from within the site in the easiest way.An e-commerce site with a simple design is very important for the customer.If the site does not come to the fore in search engines such as google, yahoo, bing, the site dec no sense.How can we benefit if we don’t make sales on the first pages, Seo optimization(search settings) if we want to do this, we will get rid of adwords.Currently, the click-through rate for ads on the first page is 30%.As for the sites that are placed on the top pages without ads, it is 70%. I usually tell my customers i recommend SEO optimization.But it is important for the customer in adwords. Social media management, on the other hand, can track your page from facebook and other social media tools, even if the customers who will move you to the top pages especially don’t want to enter your page all the time, and they are also very important in terms of optimization.You are making a virtual pos application for the most recently established site. Remember that you will benefit 100% from all the companies that do what I have described. A sales site with a name on it is not a joke..


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