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Laser Epilation is a process using application light to get rid of unwanted hair. A highly effective method to get rid of hair is laser epilation. It provides comfort and convenience for the person. Contagious disease and skin reaction seen in wax applications are almost nonexistent compared to wax. It is among the suitable methods to get rid of your unwanted hair.

Who Is Epilation Applied To? Who does not apply?

Feather structure; Hormonal drugs used by the person, menstrual irregularity, hormone disorder, pregnancy and puerperium, menopause, hair root structure, previous diseases, diabetes disease, heart disease may affect them. Laser epilation should not be applied to people with such conditions. It is not suitable for people who are under the age of 18 because the structure of the person is in the growth phase and effective results cannot be obtained. It should not be applied to people who are undergoing serious treatment such as cancer and kidney failure. Except for such cases, whole body hair removal can be applied to all women and men.

You don't need to spend a lot of money to get rid of your unwanted hair. With the development of technology, the cheapest laser epilation can be done today. Considering the money spent on waxing each month and considering the lack of comfort, the amount of money spent for epilation is not an expensive method as it provides solution-oriented comfort.

How is laser epilation done?

Epilation applications should be done by experts and experienced people. The method of applying laser epilation varies according to the type of device used. There are several types of devices. Alexandrite, Diode laser, IPL are the most common device types. Alexandrite intensely affects the hair follicles under the skin and prevents hair growth. Diode works the same way, but uses longer wavelength laser energy.

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