5 Important Issues Before Designing Your Website!

Maybe it’s the first time you’re going to have a website and you don’t know where to start. Pay attention to these issues in order to get the quality service you dream of with your money!

1- Which programming language should I use?
A website can be built every 1 day with ready-made systems such as WordPress. This can have both advantages and disadvantages.


1-It takes less time to prepare your website.
2-Wordpress knows a lot, so even if you have problems with your company, you can quickly find another person or company for support.


1- It is usually slower and heavier than the original software.
2-If the necessary updates are not made, your site may be infected with a virus.

So what do we recommend?

The answer depends on the situation. No matter how your web site, the best solution fast support and creative web design to carry out. If you are looking for an enterprise and professional solution, the optimized analysis of your project will be safer and faster.

We use Csharp (C#) and Microsoft SQL as databases. Considering that Facebook is written in php, it’s not the programming language that makes the difference, but how the software manufacturer plays with the code that matters more.

2- Who has the Agency/freelancer you have worked with so far worked with before?

In general, what companies do on their sites there are references to web design. Spend at least 40 seconds looking at individual sites. If you like at least 4 designs, call the website owners and find out about the web design company.

However, go back as historically as possible on the references page and look at the last 3 references and ask.

3- What exactly do you need? Does it help to get help from a web consultant?

There is an expression ”There is no end to the software”. This is your web designer saying that you don’t need a product, on the other hand, he says let’s add this module, it will be an unnecessary cost. How to understand exactly what you need on the website ? In these cases, the Web consultant will be of great benefit to you.

4- Differences in prices between offers


Another possibility is that due to the effort expended to save the day, he may not have time to take care of you in the coming days. However, if there are many services that you want, then this price may increase.

5- Price call

People in the service sector usually get the wages they deserve. If the contact does not seem to be a very commercial person, we advise you not to negotiate about its price. Otherwise, if the energy of the person who built your site decreases, the quality of the work done may also decrease.